Five Reasons Why Travel Insurance is Worth It

Five Reasons Why Travel Insurance is Worth It

Five Reasons Why Travel Insurance is Worth It

Whether it’s a long weekend getaway or a season long stay at one of our rental units at Naples Florida Vacation Homes, as you are checking items off your travel list, make sure you ask one of our rental professionals about purchasing travel insurance.
Travel insurance may seem like an unwanted, and unneeded expense to your vacation budget, but accidents “do” happen… even on vacation! Naples Florida Vacation Homes can get you the coverage you need to insure your flight, rental car, and of course your rental home.
According to the U.S. Travel Insurance Association, about 30 percent of Americans purchase travel insurance, an increase from 10 percent before 9/11. The top five reasons while travelers are smarting up and purchasing insurance are spelled out below.

#1: You can get sick or have an accident.

Medical emergencies are the most common reason why people get travel insurance.  Unforeseen illness like a heart-attack, appendix, and other emergency situations such as a death in the family may occur.  All of these things can either bring an early end to your trip or make it so you never make it to your vacation home at all.

#2: There could be an unforeseen natural disaster.

In today’s world, you no longer need to head to an exotic destination to increase your risk. Natural disasters and/or terrorist attacks can, and do, happen all over.   With our vacation homes scattered along the coast line, the threat of hurricanes is always going to be present.

#3: Your luggage can get damaged and/or lost.

Imagine standing at a baggage carousel for what seems like forever when the steady flow of bags onto the conveyor belt slows to a trickle, then stops.  Your luggage, full of not only your new swim suits and flip flops are gone, but chances are so are phone chargers, medication, and possibly even expensive electronics.  The Airlines may replace “some” things, but the claim is going to take a while and you are stuck laying by one of our vacation home pools still dressed for a snow shower.

#4: Theft!

Tourists are always a prime targets for thieves around the world.  Whether it’s your new fancy camera or your wallet, even the most conscientious traveler is risk.  Another thing most travelers don’t even think about is once your bag exits the airport, it is no longer the airlines responsibility.  Hail a cab, turn around, and next thing you know, your suitcase of personal belongings is gone.   

#5: Your mind will be at ease.

Whether it’s the untimely death of a family member or that your passport and wallet got stolen, travel insurance will help. Again, it cannot replace lost lives. But anything from rebooking you to another flight and hotel, or getting you a replacement passport and medical evacuation is within reach. Don’t leave your hometown before giving travel insurance some serious thought.

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