Florida’s Governor Order: What it Means for Vacation Rentals

When Will It Be Good to Visit Naples Again?

There’s no question Naples, Florida is a great place to visit! And with our beaches, preserves and parks reopening this week, it’s refreshing to see life again in our state!

While our team is anxious to welcome our rental guests back to Naples, out of an abundance of caution and in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, since March 28th, Florida’s Governor has limited our ability to book new vacation rental accommodations. But here’s what we can do:

1. We can rent for 30 days or greater.

2. We can rent to military, emergency, governmental, health or infrastructure response workers.

3. We can rent to travelers engaged in non-vacation commercial activities.

If you have a need for temporary housing in Naples, FL for reasons other than a “vacation” we are happy to try and assist you. The Governor’s intent with this order is to curb transmission of COVID-19 from other areas to the State of Florida

To be socially responsible, we are being proactive and asking where you live and where you have been over the past month and what your purpose of travel to Florida might be.

We reserve our right to deny accommodations to guests traveling from areas where COVID-19 has been particularly problematic or if the purpose of your travel doesn’t seem to be with good intent.

We expect the Governor will lift orders to allow Floridians to travel around within our State. Soon we look to warmly welcome Florida residents to visit our very beautiful part of the State. We also look to assist those folks who have already been in Florida and wish to extend their stay.

There are many circumstances where folks are challenged these days. If you need assistance in any way, we would be glad to discuss your needs with you.

Our Additional Safety Measures 

Beyond our regular cleaning procedures, our housekeeping team has taken extra time to thoroughly disinfect inside the vacation rentals – including door knobs, locks, handles, controls and cords, faucets, light switches, remotes and furniture.

Extra cleaning supplies provided 

If you want to do some extra cleaning upon your arrival or if you want to have a disinfectant handy to use throughout your stay, we have provided a partial bottle of Lysol spray and paper towels. You can find this in your welcome gift basket.

Extra hand soap is provided

Hand soap is also provided at every sink – wash frequently and take plenty of time to give them a good scrub! Please know that we tried to provide a container of handy disinfectant wipes but we were unable to source them.

Commercially laundered linens and towels 

All of our sheets and towels are laundered off site in our own commercial laundry facility which we control and we are using the highest temperature settings for water to wash and heat to dry.

Thorough cleaning procedures between stays

We’re also booking a 3-day minimum between every reservation to make sure we are able to clean efficiently; our cleaning team will clean no less than 3 days before you arrive.

Limited in-person contact with guests 

Moreover, out of an abundance of caution, our team has been instructed to limit in-person contact with all guests. Even if one is feeling healthy you can unknowingly be a carrier of the virus. Our team could also unknowingly be a carrier as well.

Certainly our team members don’t want to carry any virus to you either. Of course if there is an emergency or dire maintenance concern which would make your stay quite uncomfortable, we will be there to assist you or send a vendor.

We will also do our best to help you resolve whatever issues we can over the phone or via a video chat. If the issue is not critical or essential to the overall enjoyment of your vacation rental, we will schedule the repair for after you leave.

Again, all these additional and proactive steps are to ensure the utmost safety for our guests as well as our team.

We hope to welcome you back to Naples soon!

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