Benefits of a Vacation Rental vs. Hotel

While planning for your trip to Naples, you are maybe wondering to yourself: where should I stay, in a hotel or in a vacation rental? Both have their pros and cons, however there are some benefits that outweigh that of a hotel that might just inspire you to book a vacation rental rather than a hotel room.
Naples especially is a hard location to choose between a hotel or a vacation rental because there are so many great luxury and boutique hotels and cozy little inns.
In this blog post, we will go over why you might want to consider a vacation rental over a hotel during your visit to Naples.

#1. Enjoy More Space

Vacation rentals offer more space than most hotel rooms. The reason, vacation rentals are often an entire house, condo, or apartment, while a hotel room is just a room. A vacation rental might be more convenient because you have private access to more than just a room.

#2. Luxury Amenities

You will have access to all the amenities of a luxury hotel, including a lounge with a TV, a kitchen, a pool, internet access and a yard. Plus your party are the only ones who have access to these luxury amenities.

#3. Your Home Away From Home

Additionally, you can truly get that “home away from home” that most hotels promise while you are away with a vacation rental. This is because vacation rentals are homes! Therefore, you have access like you would at your own home.

#4. More Room and Cheaper

If you are traveling with a large group of people, a vacation rental might be a more comfortable and cheaper. This is because you don’t have to purchase multiple hotel rooms fir the all of the guests in your party. You can rent one vacation home, large enough to accommodate everyone in your party. In contrast, purchasing multiple hotel rooms for everyone in your party might be more expensive and not guarantee comfortable, large rooms.

#5. Kid Friendly

Kids staying in a vacation rental with their parents have the option of having their own room, have a nice comfortable place to watch TV and play video games, and maybe go take a dip in a private pool. If your children are picky eaters, you have your own kitchen to prepare meals that they will like without going to restaurants.

#6. Cook if You Like

If you like to cook, or want to save money on your meals while visiting Naples, a vacation rental might be the best option. Most vacation rentals have large, gourmet kitchens in them, so you can cook while you are on vacation! This not only saves money, but allows you the chance to try some of the local regional cuisine.
Try and cook things like fried grouper sandwiches, smoked mullet spread, key lime pie, and if you are adventurous enough, fried gator tail nuggets. We are also home to great local seafood including shrimp, snapper, wahu, mahi-mahi, and stone crab claws. Florida is also known for its great produce, including oranges, tomatoes and grapefruit just to name a few.

Other Vacation Rental Benefits

Vacation rentals tend to be a lot cheaper than a hotel room, especially if you want to stay longer than three days. This is because you can often get a weekly or monthly rate. In the cases that the rate is by the day, you can still save money because you can actually cook rather than dine at a restaurant every night.

Bonus: Do Laundry (If You Want)

Furthermore, you can do your own laundry, without paying extra for each piece as you would at a hotel. You can also get more space, and more amenities than you would if you chose to stay at a luxury hotel, for a half, sometimes a third of the price for one room! These amenities include a full service kitchen, a pool, access to the lake or beach, walk-in closets, large showers with spa-like features, and a screened in porch that includes a BBQ.
In Naples, choosing a vacation rental might help you get close to the beach, without the price tag! You can often find vacation rentals that are close to the beach, yet are just as nice as a luxury beach resort, yet not as expensive per night! If you are traveling on a budget, yet want to have a great time at the beach with the whole family, and also want all the luxuries of a fine, luxury beach resort, than a vacation rental might just be for you!
You can also stay for longer than three days, or even a week if you choose a vacation rental rather than a hotel room. This way, you can actually afford to stay longer than a few days, and do so with all the comforts of home. In Naples, this can be to your advantage because there are a lot of sites beyond its city limits that will require you to have a car, which might take up some time.
Guests who choose to stay in a vacation rental also have the opportunity to get that local experience that they wouldn’t get if they stayed in a hotel. Vacation rentals are often located in quaint neighborhoods, sometimes away from the action.
However, you might have the chance to get an idea of what Naples is like when you aren’t in the touristy sections of town. You might also welcome this after a long day of fishing, hiking or kayaking, where you can come home to a quiet neighborhood and a house with no chances of staff or other visitors to bother you.
So if you are coming to Naples, you might want to consider getting a vacation rental rather than a hotel room! It is cheaper, yet you will get a nicer accommodation than you would if you stayed in a hotel, and have the space and comforts that will be suitable for the entire family!
Here at Naples Florida Vacation Homes, we can help you find the perfect vacation rental that can serve all of your needs!

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Are you frustrated trying to find a rental for season? Look no more, and secure your stay with Naples Florida Vacation Homes! We provide seasonal, and nightly vacation rentals in Naples finest golf and beach communities throughout Collier County, Florida. We can also rent your Naples property!
If you are planning to visit Florida, one of the things that you have to decide is if you are going to rent a hotel or choose a vacation rental. Depending on how many people are going and how long you want to go for, you might want to choose a vacation rental. Below are five reasons why a lot of people choose vacation rentals instead of hotels.

A vacation rental saves you money

You are going to discover that you’ll save money when you choose a vacation rental. When you are in a hotel, you usually will have to go out to eat at least for lunch and dinner, since there are a lot of hotels that have continental breakfasts.
When you have a vacation rental, you can cook your own food in the kitchen and that in itself is going to save you a lot of money. With a vacation rental, too, you can have more people staying there based on the size of the rental and you can divide the cost.
There’s usually longer booking windows for vacation rentals. If you reserve your rental a minimum of 6-12 weeks before traveling, you’ll have a better choice of inventory and lower prices.

A vacation rental gives you space

Many hotel rooms are tiny, and you feel cramped. If you are sleeping four people or more in that room, with all of their luggage you are going to be tripping over one another. No matter if you are selecting a condo or a cabin, you’re going to have a lot more space when you choose a vacation rental.

A vacation rental opens up possibilities

A hotel will need a huge plot of land. Most of them also exist where there’s civilization. If you are wanting to rent something a bit different, like a bungalow or even a really cool tree house, this can happen when it you choose a vacation rental. Without space restrictions and the land that is required by a hotel, you can find more exotic locations that you can’t find otherwise.

A vacation rental can spoil you

There are some rentals that have amenities that you could never imagine. Some of them have home theaters, hot tubs, in-home chefs, or patios that have grills. Vacation rentals also have things like flat screen televisions, below the ground pools, game rooms and WiFi.
Not only that, but as mentioned earlier they come with kitchens, so that you can create food and save money. You also are going to have more flexibility when it comes to the length of your stay. There are rentals that can be rented for much longer than you can rent a hotel, even a month or longer.

A vacation rental gives you privacy

With all of the other guests that are coming and going along with the staff, you don’t get a lot of privacy at a hotel. That’s one thing that vacation rentals will give you. You don’t have noisy neighbors or prying eyes to worry about.
These are the five reasons why a vacation rental is just a good idea. If you are looking for a way to enjoy Florida and to save some money, vacation rentals are the way to go.

Vacation Rentals: A Fresh Alternative to Hotel Rooms for Wedding Guests

Weddings are a time for families and friends to gather, reconnect and reminisce. Consider the rehearsal  dinner, the “Big Day” and the day after to open gifts and say good-bye to friends and family who traveled from afar.  Really, when you think about it, isn’t it all about the get together? Vacation homes offer more flexibility, privacy and freedom than traditional hotel rooms.

1. Flexible Meal Choices

Rather than gathering the group at a local restaurant, vacation rental guests can organize a casual BBQ by their own private pool or cook up some favorite family recipes in the full kitchen or have a professionally catered meal delivered. Meeting up with the other wedding guests can be tricky with guests all arriving at different times and from different places.

2. Easy In. Easy Out

Your guests can drive straight up to the door, open the lockbox and make yourself at home! No hoops to jump through in their wedding finery. No bellboy. No front desk hassle. No waiting on a valet. No stuffy elevator trips or hoofing it in heels to and from Room No. 1492.

3. No Surprises at Check-out

Unlike a hotel, there’s no tipping, parking fees, internet/movie charges, mini-bar, taxes, resort fees and other charges added to your bill at check-out. All charges are paid up front at a vacation rental. Like to enjoy an evening nightcap or breakfast in bed? Swing into the local store on the your way to your vacation rental and pick up a few items to make your stay more enjoyable – it’s a whole lot cheaper than the mini-bar or room service.

4. Get More. Spend Less

A typical hotel room has 325 square feet. Compare that to an average 1,800 of Naples vacation rental with 3 bedrooms. The cost of a vacation rental can be comparable to a 1-2 hotel rooms. The value is further enhanced when you consider splitting the bill amongst other couples or families!

Final Thoughts

Vacation rentals are an ever-popular choice for travelers and wedding guests alike. Wouldn’t the aunts & uncles, or the multi-generational families, or the sorority sisters and their spouses enjoy sharing a vacation home for the entire weekend?

Planning a Wedding Naples?

After your wedding in Naples, return to the beauty and comfort of a home from Naples Florida Vacation Homes. We have a wide selection of homes located all over the Naples area. Whether you’re hoping to squeeze in a few rounds of golf during your visit or you’d like to relax by a private pool, you’ll find the perfect home to fit your needs.
Check out our rentals and book today! We look forward to having you.

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