Climate and Weather of Naples, Florida

If you are visiting Naples, one of the things that you want to know about is the weather and when you should visit to get the best possible weather. Naples, Florida weather is similar to the weather you’ll find in the areas of Lee County, Collier County and Marco Island. There’s always going to be some variations. But below we’ll give you an idea of what to expect when you come to Naples.

Your Naples Florida Weather Guide

Those of you unfamiliar with Naples, Florida are probably wondering, what is the weather like all year long? Is the weather like the rest of Florida or different? You are probably wondering especially, what is Florida like during the winter, in particular Naples? Well, in this post, we are going to give you more detail as to what the weather is like in Naples all year long.
Come to Naples, where all year long, you can enjoy the beach, go kayaking, go fishing, go boating, go hiking, snorkeling, swimming, golfing, or play tennis without any concerns of the weather getting in your way!

The Best Naples Weather Months – “The Winter”

Naples Florida weather is the best between October and April. This period of time is called “season”. The winters, compared to up north, are dry and warm with a tropical breeze with temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s. Thus making January one of the most popular times to visit Naples.
Average Temperatures in Naples FL
As an added bonus, these months also receive the least amount of rainfall. These moderate temperatures in the mid seventies and low eighties, seem to force the moisture away from the area, thus the drier weather. January is normally the coolest month, with daytime average highs around 75F, with average lows of around 54F, still a decent day for outdoor activities, golfing or even a Naples beach wedding!
Naples has great weather all year long, but winter temperatures in Naples are the best. It is normally very sunny, very warm, with very little variations. The only variations that you will see in the weather here in Naples are temperature, the presence of wind and the amount of rain fall, but these variations aren’t as severe as you see in other travel destinations around the world.

Naples Florida Weather in the Summer

As humidity increases, thunderstorm activity increases. Thunderstorms develop along sea-breeze fronts as cooler air slides inland from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.
During the summer, from May – September, you are going to find very warm or hot temperatures. The temperatures during the daytime go from 83 – 90 and the daily average is 86 during from July to August.
This weather is humid and hot. But since it’s on the Gulf of Mexico’s shores, the tropical breezes from the Gulf can help with making it tolerable.
Sometimes during the summer months, the temperature in the daytime will reach anywhere between 90 and 93. Remember that the cities may even be higher so these temperatures don’t seem as bad.

Rainfall in Naples

he average amount of rainfall that Naples receives is about 50”. Around 65% of this rain falls from June – September. Otherwise its pretty dry. This can make for some really humid and hot days.
The rainy number of days ranges from 13 – 16 from June to September, and this tapers off in the month of October, with a range of 6-10 in each month until the year is done.
The showers are often short but intense with the sun peeking out quickly following a storm. But don’t worry Naples has a-lot of rainy day activities to keep your family busy.
Average Rainfall in Naples FL
Miami receives about 45 inches of rain – almost 75 percent of its average annual rainfall – from May to October. By late May, the rainy season is usually ramping up across South Florida.
Farther north, Tampa records about 70 percent of its average annual rainfall of 46.3 inches during the wet season. The beginning of the rainy season is a bit later, usually in mid-June, across central and northern Florida.
The reason for the increase in rainfall is that cold fronts do not track into Florida during this time, which allows for warmer temperatures and humid conditions to dominate.

Water Temperature

Since the weather’s warm throughout the year helps the weather be warm. These average from 65 – 73 during the winter months and then as the year goes on will go from the middle to high 80s.
The graph below shows the range of monthly Naples water temperature derived from many years of historical sea surface temperature data.
Water Temperature

The Sun

Even though it’s really warm and inviting and you want to get a tan, keep in mind that there are a lot of risks that you take when you are exposing yourself to the sun a lot. Make sure that you’re wearing sunscreen for the type of skin that you have.
Average Sunshine in Naples FL
The UV index during October – February ranges from 5 to 8, then go up to 10+ during the springtime and summertime months. Those who aren’t used to the strong sun of Florida should be especially careful because they are more likely to burn or get heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
Average UV index Naples, FL

Amount of Sunshine

One of the other things that Naples offers is a lot of sunshine. It’s very pleasant since it gives you 7-9 hours full of sunshine each day on average during November through January. During March – October it’s 8 to 10 hours per day.
On average Naples weather is sunny at least 70% of its daylight hours and as much as 80%.

Naples Florida Hurricane Season

Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 through Nov. 30 and brings an increased chance for rainfall. It’s important to remember that a strong hurricane is not needed to bring excessive rainfall; slow-moving tropical storms or even tropical depressions can result in heavy rainfall and flooding in the region.
Although the beginning of the wet season is good news regarding the needed rainfall, one problem this brings is the possibility of dry lightning. This occurs when lightning strikes hit the ground outside of rainfall, and these strikes can create grass fires, especially where the ground is dry following the dry season.


No matter when you come to Naples, chances are excellent that you’re going to have warm weather. It’s a great place that you can come anytime of the year!

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