Fantastic Food to Enjoy in Naples, FL Now

Eat indoors, eat outdoors, or eat at home! If you’re looking to ditch cooking and want to order food or go out to dinner, everything is open and the options are endless.

Sunny Naples, FL is known for its versatile cuisine options!

Whether you want to take on the elegant restaurants on Fifth Avenue, dine in the upscale Mercato Shopping and Dining District in North Naples, or if you’d rather just stop in at Pinchers in Tin City on the water, the possibilities for great cuisine are all over.

It’s all open.

Here’s the best part: you can sit indoors or outdoors. Our weather is beautiful year-round, so folks are certainly taking advantage of that. If you’d prefer, you can still order food in. Many restaurants are keeping their take-out curbside or delivery options available.

You can certainly still physically go out to dinner too. When going out to dinner in Naples, folks usually wear their masks until they sit down to eat. When they’re in the chairs or booth, that’s when the masks come off. When people are done eating and are walking out of the restaurant, the masks usually go back on.

Sushi Naples FL
Naples, FL is known for its versatile cuisine. Creative chefs bring their originality to their dishes in the restaurants in Naples.

Restaurants aren’t restricted to a certain number of people they can seat indoors or outdoors, but businesses are still respecting seating folks far enough away from each other. Safety measures are still in place and being followed.

You won’t be jammed into a booth with another party right next to you. Some restaurants in Downtown Naples have plexiglass in between booths that are close to each other.

When you go to pick up your food, or if someone delivers the food to you, usually folks wear masks.

Whether picking up food, getting it delivered, going out to eat outdoors, or dining in, all the options are possible! Our fabulous restaurants are open and you can still enjoy them all when you visit Naples, FL.

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