We Have Extra Cleaning Procedures in Place!

At Naples Florida Vacation Homes, we’re dedicated to always keeping our vacation rentals impeccably clean and sanitized.

Out of an abundance of caution during this time, we have taken extra precautions to ready our vacation rentals before guest arrival. 

Beyond our regular cleaning, our housekeeping team is taking extra time to thoroughly disinfect the vacation rentals, paying special attention to frequently-touched items and surfaces such as:

  • Doorknobs and handles both inside and outside.
  • Knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets and appliances.
  • Locks and handles on windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Controls, cords, and light switches.
  • The thermostat(s).
  • Faucets on sinks & showers, including the flush handle on the toilets.
  • TV remotes and buttons.
  • The backs of all hard surface chairs and armrests.

If guests desire to do some extra cleaning upon their arrival, we’ve provided extra cleaning supplies in the rentals. 

Additionally, all of our sheets and towels are laundered off-site in our commercial laundry facility, which we control. We’re using the highest temperature settings for water to wash and heat to dry.

We’re also instructing our team to limit in-person interaction with guests. Should an emergency occur, we will certainly be available in-person if necessary, but calls over the phone or video are preferred at this time. If a maintenance need arises during your stay, we thank you for alerting us to the problem.  In house maintenance issues will be resolved after you have completed your stay, unless of course the matter is an emergency or would significantly hinder your enjoyment of the vacation rental.  

With our extra safety measures in place, we are committed to doing our part to keep our team and our guests safe!

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