Vacation Home Rentals are Growing in Popularity

Vacation Home Rentals are Growing in Popularity

Vacation Home Rentals are Growing in Popularity

The World Awaits

At Naples Florida Vacation Homes we find that many of our customers are big fans of Trip Advisor, one of the most trusted sources of vacation information for travelers all over the world.
In a recent survey of savvy travelers, Trip Advisor discovered that the percentage of people choosing vacation home rentals over hotels is growing every year. This year, 52 percent of travelers said that they planned to stay in a vacation rental in the coming year.

Reasons for choosing a vacation rental instead of a hotel

The Trip Advisor survey revealed these top three reasons for renting a vacation home rather than staying in a hotel:

  1. More living space in a vacation rental
  2. Lower rates than a hotel
  3. Better amenities than a hotel

When travelers choose vacation rentals over hotel vacation, 82 percent say that they choose vacation home rentals because of significant savings.
Rental home amenities please travelers
Sixty-one percent of the people surveyed reported that they’d booked a rental home instead of a hotel for family or large-group vacations. Of that group, nearly half commented that a rental home allows them to spend time together in common living space.
The vacation rental amenities that had the most appeal for travelers include:

  • Wifi internet access
  • Washer and dryer on the premises
  • Private pool facilities
  • An outdoor living area, such as a lanai
  • High-end kitchen

“Travelers love vacation rentals for the at-home experience and amenities that make them ideal for family and group trips, not to mention the potential savings when compared to hotels,” said Brooke Ferencsik, director of communications for TripAdvisor.
“With the increased demand for vacation rentals, the best rental properties book quickly during the peak summer months; therefore travelers should plan as soon as possible to secure the best property for their travel needs.”

The most popular places for vacation rentals?

The Trip Advisor survey found people were most likely to rent vacation homes at beach resorts in the Southeast U.S.
Naples Florida Vacation Homes is delighted to be among the popular listings on Trip Advisor, where our properties have received high ratings from real travelers!

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