The Sun is Still Shining & Naples is still OPEN for Business!

Coronavirus is on the hearts and minds of us all indeed. In fact, for months the news has ensued while we watched the virus breakout in Wuhan, China then travel to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Iran, Italy, the US and now so many countries around the world.

Naples, Florida is still open for business!

This blog post is to assure you that Naples, FL is still IN FACT open for business. It is indeed a beautiful part of the world to visit. Our daily temperatures range between the high 70s to low 80s. Overnight we enjoy mid to upper 60-degree whether – it’s simply perfect weather for sleeping with the windows open! Our skies have been blue all week with minimal to no cloud cover.

1. Enjoy the beach and sunsets

Our Royal Palms stand as proud and tall as ever. Our Bougainvillea’s are in full bloom and offer an array of vibrant colors peppered throughout our beautiful town.

The sugar-white sand sprawls across 30 miles of beaches along our shore. Our beaches are as beautiful as ever and it’s not hard to find a secluded spot to call your own for an afternoon of rest and relaxation.

Our colorful sunsets are sure to amaze. Be sure to go back multiple evenings during your stay and you’ll be amazed at how different they can be!

2. Dining and food options in Naples

We offer an array of terrific dining options throughout Naples. There is no news of a single restaurant closing. Many are also offering take out options as well.

Our grocery stores are well stocked. Just like everywhere else, while it might be hard to purchase certain items like hand sanitizers and convenient disinfecting wipes, there’s plenty of food on our shelves – you won’t go hungry.

In anticipation of a potential temporary “run on toilet paper” – no worries, we have plenty of that essential item too!

We have a wide variety of retail shops from outdoor malls to small boutiques who are indeed open for business.

3. Check out Naples outdoor attractions

Unlike cruise ship travel or a visit to the theme parks which attract tremendous crowds of people in dense places, Naples offers so many options for a low key but a beautiful change of scenery and departure from Winter weather.

You might enjoy a relaxing walk or bike ride through nature at Naples’ newest Baker Park, The Greenway or take a drive out to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary to stroll the boardwalk walk through seven different eco-systems in this fascinating nature preserve.

And if walking is not your thing, how about a drive on old US-41 through Big Cypress National Preserve and The Everglades? There’s no other eco-system like it in the World! Along the way, take a brief roadside stop at Turner Road for a sighting of exotic birds and alligators galore.

4. Naples world-famous golf courses are open

If nature isn’t your thing, amaze yourself with a drive through some of Naples’ poshest neighborhoods of ultimate luxury. In the golf capital of the world, there’s also no shortage of fine golf courses! The greens are certainly not a crowded place. Or maybe a game of tennis is in store.

5. We thoroughly clean and take extra precautions

At Naples Florida Vacation we too are concerned for the health and welfare of our guests. In anticipation of growing concerns for COVID-19, we have already been taking extra precautions to thoroughly clean and sanitize the vacation homes and condos we manage.

We are wiping down just about everything we can think of with disinfectant spray, from doorknobs to light switches, railing, TV remotes and more! 100% of the linens you’ll find in our rentals are laundered in small batches at high temperatures in our own commercial laundry facility.

Our community pools are a great place to soak up the sun! The water is no doubt treated with chlorine (by the way – the very same chemical used in many disinfecting wipes everyone is in such a rush to by).

6. Minimized interaction with staff

For years we’ve run a remote check-in system. Way in advance of your check-in we’ve already processed your advanced payment, we’ve handled all the contracts and ID verification electronically. With confidence, in advance of your trip, we send you an electronic door code so that you can go straight to the property and let yourself in. Skip the front desk or stopping at our office to pick up the keys! With ZERO human contact – you’re free to enjoy your very own private vacation rental at your leisure.

As a matter of standard practice, our housekeeping and maintenance team works hard behind the scenes to proactively keep our vacation rentals in “tip-top” shape. Our goal has always been to minimize the need to bother a guest with maintenance issues. If a guest came and went and we never heard from them, we’ve always considered it …. a job well done!

Need a change of scenery and warmer weather to lift one’s spirits? Naples, Florida is indeed open for business and we’d love to accommodate you!

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