Vehicles You've Probably Never Seen at The Revs Institute

March 24, 2014, the Collier Collection and The Revs Institute for Automotive Research opened its doors and allowed the public to come. This world-class effort first began back in 1996 when collection of Cunningham Museum was acquired by Miles Collier from Briggs S. Cunningham, a long time friend. Since then, he’s carefully added a few of the most significant vehicles in the world and has assembled one of the best libraries for automotive research anywhere in the world.
Starting back in 2000, biennial seminars were hosted by the Collection which featured significant automobiles as well as shop, restoration and preservation presentations. The Revs Institute had its formation in 2009 for a scholarly study center. Two years after that, Stanford University and the institute partnered and began The Revs Program at Stanford for furthering the research of automobiles and providing learning and teaching opportunities, to further automotive research and provide teaching and learning opportunities.
There are over 100 masterpieces that are from the automotive world that were made from 1896 to 1995, and each had been added due to their historical significance and rarity.
Below are four automobiles from the pre-war era, on display, at The Revs Institute so that you can get a feel for what they have in their meticulously curated collection.

Peugeot 1913 3.0-liter Coupe de l’Auto

When it comes to winning races, this car is the one that changed what people thought about regarding the engine. This design was due to Ernest Henry and three other of the best racecar drivers in the period. They convinced Peugeot of the design for a 4-cylinder engine which had four valves on each cylinder and twin camshafts. Not long afterwards, Peugeot found they were defeating competitors with engines twice the size. Engine refinements were made for the 1913 year and they were victorious. That event? The famous Indianapolis 500. The man driving was Arthur Duray and you’ll find the car that came in second place.

Mercedes 1914 Grand Prix Car

Mercedes 1914 Grand Prix Car
This car is one of the 6 team cars and its one of the only 3 that survived, which gave the car maker known as Mercedes the very first 1-2-3 in the history of the French Grand Prix. This marked a motorsports moment that people still talk about, during a very important juncture when it came to world affairs. It happened in April, 1914, and the date was just 2 weeks prior to WWI breaking out. This engine design is overhead camshaft 4 cylinder and its based off the lightweight and very competent Daimler aero unit from that period.

Duesenberg 1935 SSJ

Duesenberg 1935 SSJ
The Duesenberg was introduced back in December of 1928 and it was massive and duty. Just two examples of this were produced. The first owner of this SSL was Gary Cooper, and its displayed in the incredible Automobility gallery. Clark Gable also had a Duesenberg and he was able to talk the dealer into loaning the other Duesenberg to him. This is still a legendary car.

1930 Bugatti Type 35 B/T

1930 Bugatti Type 35 B/T
The Italians were out for revenge. For five years in a row the blue Bugattis of France had triumphed in their most famous race, the Targa Florio, the ultimate test of man and machine, held over a 67‐mile circuit that writhed around the mountainous north of Sicily. Against the four Bugattis entered – four works entries and one privateer – were ranged thirteen of Italy’s fastest cars. That was, it seems, the first and last race as a works car for Chiron’s Bugatti, chassis no. 4959, for six weeks later it was sold to entrepreneur Charles Terres Weymann of Paris for 92,000 francs.

Final Thoughts

These are four cars that you will be able to see if you visit this incredible spot. It’s a place that all car enthusiasts should visit at least once in their lifetime.

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