Norman Love Chocolates: Amazing, Unique and Local

Napelites love a good piece of chocolate, whether it’s at a vintage throwback candy store, hand-made ice cream shop or luxurious chocolatier. In the chocolate shop category, we are lucky to have Norman Love. Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day ideas, Easter baskets, pastries, cakes, or just looking to treat yourself, Norman Love’s got you covered with the best options in Naples.

Visit the best chocolate shop in Naples, Florida:

The gourmet chocolates at Norman Love in Naples, Florida, are made fresh daily with premium ingredients and contain no preservatives. They are packed and delivered with the utmost care to ensure they arrive fresh and in excellent condition.
Norman Love Confections is named after its Fort Myers’ founder, Norman Love. Norman Love went through an amazing transformation to become one of the most highly trained and accomplished chocolatiers in the United States. He first began his studies on French pastry making in France.

Sweet Credentials

After completing his initial training, he served as Executive Pastry chef at several luxury hotels like the Ritz Carlton. He even worked for the Ritz Carlton for a while to start up executive pastry operations in their hotels around the world. In 2001, he opened his first location, Norman Love Confections, in Fort Myers. The Naples shop was opened in 2011, and the shop in Estero opened in 2014.
Since then, Norman Love has furthered his training and his solid reputation. He received a Ph.D. in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University in 2002, and his work in chocolates has been written about in major publications since then.
Accolades include articles in USA Today, Saveur Magazine, Gulfshore Life Magazine, and Dessert Professional Magazine. His chocolates have also been featured and mentioned on the Food Network and the Racheal Ray Show, and he has also been honored with prestigious culinary awards, including the Cordon d’Or and the Culinary Arts Culinary Academy Award.

Wide Range of Flavors at Norman Love

So, if Norman Love’s reputation hasn’t impressed you enough to visit one of his confectionary salons yet, maybe a slight description of what his chocolates and the other lovely items they offer are like can help you realize why you must come during your visit to Naples.
Traditional flavors:
Yes, you can find some of the standard chocolate flavors, like cherry cordial, hazelnut praline truffles, milk chocolate truffles, dark chocolate squares, vanilla truffles, peanut butter cups and dark chocolate crème truffles.
Unique flavors:
However, at the heart of Norman Love’s chocolates, are the unique flavor combinations that you can only find here. Some play on nostalgic flavors like the chocolates they call peanut butter and jelly, the sea salt caramel truffle, and cookies and cream.
Famous desserts:
Others try to mimic famous desserts, for example, their key lime pie chocolate, their tiramisu chocolate, their bananas foster chocolate, their carrot cake chocolate, and their German chocolate cake chocolate.
Amazingly simple flavors:
Some of their chocolates also act as a salute to amazing, yet simple flavors like butterscotch, Tahitian Vanilla caramel chocolates, pistachio cherry, caramel macchiato, strawberry, lemon hazelnut, and white chocolate raspberry.
When you visit Norman Love Confections during your stay in Naples, you have several options on how to purchase your chocolates. You can either purchase a pre-packed box from their shelves, or order a custom box.
If you want to try the classic flavors, then purchase a pre-packed box according to your needs and price range. However, if you are an adventurous gourmet/chocolate lover and want to try all the amazing, unique and seasonal flavors that you can try, then order a custom box.

More than Just Chocolate

In addition to chocolate, Norman Love Confections offers wonderful gelato, beautiful chocolate cakes that reflect Love’s French training and former profession as an executive pastry chef, and French-style Viennoise pastries, both sweet and savory.
You can either get some of these pastries to take back to your vacation rental with you along with some chocolates, or dine on your cake or pastry there with a cup of coffee. Norman Love Confections shops normally have a coffee menu and seating with a coffee house feel, so you can always hang around, drink an espresso drink and eat your pastry.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking for a unique gourmet experience while you are in Naples, don’t forget to visit a Norman Love Confections location. You will not only take chocolates, or even a cake back to your vacation rental, but you will probably bring a few boxes home for friends!
If you become so addicted to Norman Love chocolates that you need to cure that craving once you get back home, you can visit their website at to order chocolate boxes online.
Naples Location
Norman Love Confections
3747 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103
(239) 687-7215

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