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Experience Traditions of the Early Settlers

Experience Traditions of the Early Settlers

The Western Everglades, is merely a part of a major natural wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s vast wilderness and unique wildlife are unlike any other that you will encounter around the world. This is why visitors from around the world come to South Florida every year to see the Everglades for themselves.
The Naples area is of no exception, and hopefully, while you stay in a vacation rental with us, you will come to see the Western part of the Everglades. There are multiple ways of visiting the Western Everglades during your visit, but today, we will talk about one of those many options. The one option we are going to mention in this post is taking a guided eco-tour through the Western Everglades. One of these guided eco-tour options you can choose from in the area is called Everglades Adventure Tours.

About Everglades Adventure Tours

Everglades Adventure Tours is located within the heart of Big Cypress National Preserve, off of the Tamiami Trail heading towards Miami. The owner and founder of Everglades Adventure Tours, Jack Shealy, is a fourth generation “gladesman” or descendant of one of the original settlers in the area that lived off the land. As a result, he has created tours that celebrate this heritage in addition to the land he and his ancestors have called “home” for four generations.
Their most distinct tour is the guided pole boat tour. This tour was inspired by how the gladesmen traditionally traveled through the Everglades. Jack builds his own boats for these, based on how glademen used to build their “skiffs”, yet large enough to take a family of four. The boat is propelled with a long, wooden pole, which makes them ideal to travel through mangrove-covered rivers. Additionally, visitors can get up-close-and-personal to the Western Everglades eco-system, and see local wildlife in an up-close way that even an airboat can match.
In addition to these unique, guided pole-boat tours, Everglades Adventure Tours offers guided kayak and canoe tours through both Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park. You can also do kayak rentals or canoe rentals.
In addition to guided tours and rentals, Everglades Adventure Tours offers glamping options at their affiliate campground, Trail Lakes Campground, or a stay in one of their chickee huts, a unique hotel experience with the feel of a rustic cabin rental and luxury camping experience rolled all into one.


The unique guided tour experiences that Everglades Adventure Tours offers have gotten international and national attention. They have been featured by Lonely Planet, the Boston Globe, and countless kayaking magazines.
So, during your tour of Big Cypress National Preserve and of the Western Everglades during your stay with us in Naples, consider taking a guided pole boat tour with Everglades Adventure Tours. You will not only get to experience the Western Everglades in a unique way but also experience what it was like for the early settlers to this region to travel through the Everglades.
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