Holiday Events Are Still On in Naples, FL This Year

The COVID grinch isn’t stealing the holiday cheer in Naples, Florida this year.

While safe protocols including social distancing and mask-wearing are still in place, folks are still able to enjoy what our paradise has to offer during the holiday months.

Our city is demonstrating great resilience in offering entertainment and memories families cherish the most during the holiday season in Naples.

Holiday events are still on

Enjoying the festivities in Downtown Naples during the Christmas season is a tourist’s and local’s favorite present! The good news is, the 47th Annual Christmas Walk and tree lighting ceremony is still on for December 4th and 5th.

Folks will be able to dine outside at their favorite restaurants. This year, the festivities will include expanded dining in a safe, open-air, socially distanced environment right on the street.

Wynn’s Market will offer an array of gourmet foods and wines, and top chefs will be on-site offering cooking demonstrations. Additional entertainment such as live music, a skating rink, and a Santa Clause appearance are also in store!

Save the dates of December 10th and 17th, too. Those days will also have music and live entertainment along Fifth Avenue South.

Restaurants are open too

Other than the beautiful celebrations on Fifth Avenue South, all of our fabulous restaurants are open too. In fact, Southwest Florida’s only 14-day food festival is on too!

From November 29th to December 13th, over 50 restaurants will participate and showcase their specialties! It will be in a safe environment, with tables and chairs set up outside of the restaurants near the streets so folks can social distance!

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