How To Charter a Fishing Boat in Naples Florida

So, you’re visiting Naples and you want to go fishing, yet you don’t have a boat and/or any fishing gear? No worries, because like many great coastal communities, Naples has renowned fishing experiences waiting to be discovered by you the visitor.
Naples offers plenty of fishing charter companies with experienced guides that will help you find the awesome fishing spots as well as provide the gear you need to catch those tasty local fish you have heard so much about!
Most local fishing boat charters are not only used to working with tourists, but exist primarily for the sake to give tourists the chance to experience the great fishing that Naples and the surrounding area has to offer!
This article will go over the basics of finding and chartering a fishing boat in Naples.

1. Find a Fishing Charter Company

You can look for one either on the internet, talking with the concierge at your hotel, or by just asking around along Naples’ many marina’s, docks and coastal areas. Our favorite charters include Naples Saltwater (Capt. Tony Fontana), Fishing, A & B Charters, Ms. B Haven Charters, Naples Fishing Charters, Naples Deep Sea Fishing, Tarpon Tamer Charters, Outgoing Charters, and Pure Naples.

2. Contact the Fishing Charter Company Directly

The reason why you want to do this is to ask more questions about their policies and equipment. Among the questions you should be asking are: do I need a fishing license, do I have to bring my own gear, what are your booking and safety policies, what safety gear do you provide, where do I meet up with the boat, are your fishing boat charters kid friendly and/or even dog friendly, can I keep my fish, do you have fish cleaning facilities on your boats, are your guides native to the area and for how long, and what times/days are best to book a trip with the charter company.
For the best fishing experience, we recommend that you book your fishing trip with the charter company early in the morning, around 6 am to 7 pm, and do so on a weekday, between Monday to Thursday; this is because the weekend and the afternoon trips tend to be the most booked. It might also be wise to inquire where the charter travels and about its fishing spots, especially if you are interested in catching a specific type of fish during your visit.
For a more authentic experience, go with a guide who comes from generations of those native to the Naples area. These people know the best fishing spots, will give you the best fishing tips you will ever learn to help you become a better fisherman/woman, will help you identify which fish you want to catch and do not want to catch, and also tell the best stories!

3. Book Your Trip

The charter company you will choose will vary according to your needs, whether individual or for your party. However, whether or not you have a large or small party, children or all adults, pets or no pets, you want to look for charters that have a fishing license for their passengers, charters run by native local guides, provide fishing and safety gear for their passengers, and can help you with cleaning and catching your fish.

4. Show Up at The Marina Ready

If the charter you have chosen provides fishing gear and safety equipment, all you might want to bring with you is bottled water, snacks and lots of sunscreen. Make sure to apply sunscreen on yourself and encourage everyone in your party to do so before you meet up with the boat.

5. Take Lots of Pictures

Enjoy your trip and remember to take lots of pictures, chat with your party and your guide, catch lots of fish and have a great time! Hopefully your chartered fishing trip will bring you lots of memories, lots of great stories, help you perfect your fishing techniques and most importantly, catch lots of great fish for you to eat and enjoy during your visit to Naples!

Bonus Tip: Wear Proper Attire

Inquire what appropriate attire you should wear from your fishing guide, but it is normally recommended to wear comfortable, loose casual clothing. Men, for example, might want to consider wearing a t-shirt (either short sleeve or long-sleeve), shorts or long outdoors pants. Women might also want to wear a casual t-shirt or blouse, shorts, outdoors pants or a sports skirt.
The key to choosing attire for a fishing outing is that each item is light, comfortable, feels breathable in the hot sun but can handle heavy amounts of perspiration, and contain light colors because darker colors tend to create more heat. Wear sneakers or galoshes while on the boat; sandals may not be a good idea, especially if a fishing line or hook accidentally lands near by other people on the boat, or a fish with spikes or teeth gets caught and lands in the boat, or the floor on the boat gets slippery from the fishing.

Fishing Charter Companies in Naples

A & B Charters
Located at the Port of Call Marina
Ms. B Haven Charters
239-825-4292 or 239-877-2909
Naples Fishing Charters
[email protected]
239-777-3858 or 239-591-3770
Naples Deep Sea Fishing
Tarpon Tamer Charters
Naples City Dock 880
12th Avenue S, Naples, FL 34102
[email protected]
Outgoing Charters
[email protected]
Pure Naples
1200 Fifth Avenue South, in front of Tin City,
Naples, FL 34102
239-263-4949 or 239-494-5595

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