10 Saltwater Fish You Can Catch in Naples, Florida

Are you interested in doing some fishing during your visit in Naples, but not sure what kind of saltwater fish you can catch? Here is a list of at least ten of the saltwater fish you can catch in Naples during your trip.
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#1: Red Snapper:

This is a very common fish found along the Gulf Coast, and is often found in reef areas or offshore. Florida fishing regulations state that you plan on catching red snapper, that they must be at least 16 inches in length, and the fishing season is limited to May 23-July 12; September 5-7, and ever Saturday and Sunday from September to October. You can only catch two red snapper at a time for each harvester.

#2: Black Grouper:

Florida is known for its great grouper fishing, and the Gulf waters off of Naples are of no exception. Most grouper species can be found in Naples’ saltwater, however black grouper is probably one of the most that you will encounter during your fishing trips. Like red snapper, black grouper is often found where reefs or rocky areas can be found. Florida fishing regulations state that you should only catch grouper that are a minimum of 22 inches, and are allowed to keep four at a time.

#3: Gag Grouper:

This is another commonly found grouper species that you will be able to catch in Naples. It is one of the most widely sold grouper species in Florida, and is known for its sweet tasting yet firm, white flesh. Florida regulations stipulate that you should catch gags that are a minimum size of 22 inches, and keep two at a time per harvester. Gag fishing season is open from July 1-December 3. This species, like most grouper, is found in reef and rocky areas.

#4: Scamp Grouper:

Found near off-coast reefs along the Gulf, scamp grouper is another common species you will find during your fishing trip in Naples. The fishing season for scamp is open year-round, and each harvester is allowed to keep four. The minimum size for catching a scamp grouper is 16 inches.

#5: Red Grouper:

This grouper species is a bottom dweller, often found on rocky bottoms. Like most grouper, its flesh has a sweet flavor and is a beautiful white color. Florida fishing regulations state that the minimum size of red grouper caught should be 20 inches, and that each harvester is allowed to keep two. Red grouper season is open all year round.

#6: Snook:

Commonly found in mangrove areas or off the coast in open waters, snook is a favorite fish to catch and eat for locals. Florida regulations stipulate that you should catch snook no less than 28 inches or more than 33 inches. Each harvester is allowed to keep one, and the fishing season for them is open from December 1-March, and May 1-August 31.

#7: Mullet:

One of the most popular fish in Florida, locals love to smoke mullet and make a spread out of it! Florida regulations state that there are no minimum size regulations for recreationally fishing mullet; however each harvester per day is allowed to keep fifty.

#8: Florida Pompano:

For recreational fishermen, this seems to be a popular catch, with 10,000 to 50,000 pounds caught in total in Collier County in 2013! If you catch a Florida pompano, make sure that it is a minimum of 11 inches fork length, and you are allowed to keep at least 6 per harvester per day. There is not a regulated season period for fishing Florida Pompano for recreational purposes.

#9: Bluefish:

This is a very common fish found on offshore waters between February-April. The minimum size length for catching bluefish is 12 inches fork length, and a limit of 10 bluefish per harvester can be kept. There isn’t a specific season for bluefish.

#10: Wahoo:

Also known as barracuda, this is a popular fish for recreational fishermen and women throughout South Florida; Naples is no exception. There are no size limits, and each harvester is allowed to keep two. Wahoo also doesn’t have a particular season into which it can be recreationally harvested.

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